Communication cable assist CCOFC 5th Anniversary

      Communication cable assist CCOFC 5th Anniversary & 5G Arrival .Communication cable plays a very important role .In 2019, on the occasion of China's entry into the 5G era, Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd also celebrated its five-week celebration.
                             â€”—The 5th Anniversary of Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was held on February 23, 2019.        Time flies, the years are like a shuttle, five years is only a moment in the long river of history, but it is so magnificent. In the past five years, we have left precious treasures for us; in five years, we have left a heavy responsibility; five years, witnessed the hurricane and rain in yesterday; five years, watching the brilliant future of tomorrow. Five years to build a dream, and cast brilliant!
                                               The traditional Chinese culture "Lion Lion" opened the celebration party for the 5th anniversary of CCOFC.
          The two founders of CCOFC took the stage to speak and spoke about their entrepreneurial journey, and in the future will prepare for serving the global market.           5G is coming soon, Communication cable plays a very important role ,and the 4G page of the history of human mobile internet will be turned over, and a new chapter of the Internet of Everything will be officially opened. CCOFC The future "5G" three major scenarios involve areas. 5G is not only high-speed, but also ultra-wideband, low latency, etc. 3GPP focuses on three key 5G application cases and the three major scenes involved. 1.eMBB enhances mobile broadband and enables mobile broadband data access, 3D or ultra high definition video, AR, VR and other high-traffic mobile broadband services. 2.mMTC large-scale machine-like communication, such as smart homes, smart cities, etc. 3.URLLC is ultra-reliable and low-latency communication, mainly used in the fields of driverless, industrial automation and so on. 4.5G will empower the Internet of Things, promote the landing of IoT application scenarios, and brand new application areas for derivative networking.
             CCOFC has a professional R&D team and a comprehensive production system. We welcome more high-end technicians to join us.
       We know that the future will be harder and take on more responsibilities and risks, but we are willing to invest in the future, and our founders are full of confidence and expectation for the future.Communication cable plays a very important role . CCOFC will strive to serve the global communications market.


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