Congratulations: CCOFC won the "National High-tech Enterprise" certificate

       Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification in 2018, and recently received the "High-tech" jointly issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, and the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. Technology Enterprise" certificate, certificate number: GR201844008538.

         In recent years, in the high-level “nurturing and afforestation” action plan of the Dongguan Municipal Government, the number of high-tech enterprises in Dongguan has grown rapidly. More than 10,000 high-tech enterprises have been applied, of which only 2,298 have passed, with a pass rate of 39.84%. A small number of communications companies have received this honor. In addition to enjoying the tax benefits, the state has won the government's application for talented apartments and eugenics for high-tech enterprises to solve problems such as attending school and entering households.

        Technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, and innovation driving is the basic premise of enterprise development. Since its inception, Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on R&D and industrialization in the fields of optical communication technology/data center/FTTH/5G communication technology. It is the research, development, production and operation of domestic optical communication +5G communication products. Integrated enterprise. In the field of intelligent optical communication, the company has mature leading optical communication products and technologies, FTTH solutions, data center overall solutions, customer management and maintenance services, etc., "Guangtong Future World Interconnect" Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will fully Layout the future "5G" communication market explosive development opportunities, actively integrate into the new direction of Internet communication development, smart city construction ecosystem, provide customized products and solutions, and make due contributions to global communication and world interconnection.

        Up to now, the company has passed ISO9001:2015, CE and many other domestic and international quality system certifications. The company has applied for 36 patents and 36 patents have been granted. It has participated in the formulation or review of 6 international/national/group standards and built up Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology, talent, brand and comprehensive resource advantage in the industry.

        Guangdong Changcheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, which has an important role in promoting brand value and enhancing the company's comprehensive competitiveness. The company will take this opportunity to continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously improve the level of research and development of optical communication core technology, and accelerate the transformation of technological innovation results, and further play the role of industry demonstration and tie.

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