The manufacturing technology of fiber optic cable has made rapid progress

The manufacturing technology of fiber optic cable has made rapid progress.Fiber optic cable is expanding in terms of its cost,which is driven by increasing product varieties and increasing production efficiency.At present,the fiber optic cable industry in China has formed a complete industrial chain, including the main industrial chain mainly composed of optical rod manufacturing, fiber optic cable and fiber optic cable manufacturing, as well as fiber optic cable materials and other sub-industrial chains,which are expanding rapidly with the expansion of fiber optic applications.

In terms of the fibre optic cable industry chain,we believe that there are two areas where China lags behind the international level in terms of key technologies:one is at the head and the other at the tail.In recent years,under the strong support of the state and the continuous investment of enterprises, the domestic light-rod manufacturing technology has been developed rapidly,with technological breakthroughs and large-scale manufacturing close at hand.It is believed that in 2-3 years,the domestic light-rod manufacturing capacity can basically meet the market demand.Fiber optic cable is not traditionally used in telecommunications, which many people don't realize.

Now it seems that it has been applied in many aspects, such as medicine, sensing and power grid security protection, and of course it has been applied in more fields that we haven't used at present,and we haven't had many powerful large companies to participate in this research.The fiber optic cable industry in China should not be based on traditional telecommunications,which will be saturated in the near future.We should continue to innovate, continue to invest in research and development,strengthen cooperation with various industries, and expand the application of fiber optics in new fields.Only in this way can our industry continue to develop healthily.


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