What's Optic Distribuion Frame

 First,The definition of light distribution frame

 The optical fiber distribution frame is an important supporting equipment in the optical transmission system. 

It is used for optical fiber fusion splicing,optical connector adjustment, redundant pigtail storage and optical cable 

protection, etc.It plays an important role in the safe of optical fiber communication networks and operation and flexible 



Second, the role of optical fiber distribution frame                                           

      The optical fiber distribution frame, as the connection of the terminal equipment of the optical cable line, has the following basic functions

â‘ Fusion splice function                                                                                             

When the optical cable is fusion spliced, the pigtail needs to be spliced, and the optical fiber tray can coil and arrange the excess pigtail to protect the fusion place.

  ②Fixed function

           After the optical cable enters the rack, the outer jacket and the reinforcing core can be connected and fixed.


  ③Allocation function  

The connector attached to the tail cable is plugged into the adapter, and the optical path is connected to the other connector of the adapter. The adapter and the connector can be flexibly plugged and docked, and the test can be configured freely.


Third, the classification of optical fiber distribution frames 

Fiber optic distribution frames are mainly divided into 12 fiber distribution frames, 24 fiber distribution frames, 48 fiber distribution frames, 72 fiber distribution frames, 96 fiber distribution frames, and 144 fiber distribution frames.

â‘ 12 Port ODF

â‘ 24 Port ODF

â‘ 48 Port ODF

â‘ 72 Port ODF

â‘ 96 Port ODF

⑤Large-capacity ODF


 To sum up, the optical fiber distribution frame mainly plays the functions of welding, fixing and deployment in the optical network transmission. The optical fiber distribution frame can be divided into 12 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports, 72 ports, 96 ports, etc. In the weak current project, it is necessary to determine the number of fiber fusion splicing cores first, and then select the appropriate fiber distribution frame.


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