Surface treatment process of network cabinet

I believe that many users who buy indoor network cabinets will be interested in the surface treatment of cabinets, and want to know about it, so as to clearly know how the cabinets are treated, whether they are reliable after treatment, and whether the quality is guaranteed? Let's get to know about it.

Cabinet surface treatment process: degreasing - washing - derusting - washing - phosphating - washing - drying - spraying - baking paint.

Among them:

1.Degreasing: refers to degreasing. Derusting: refers to pickling or grinding. The purpose is to get a good coating. It is a key step to remove the grease and impurities on the cabinet surface. Usually, the oil on the product surface is removed by dissolving and saponification of organic solvent. And there are two kinds of derusting: manual derusting and chemical derusting. Manual derusting is to grind the cabinet surface with gauze; Chemical derusting is the use of acid and metal oxide chemical reaction, so that it dissolves in the solution to achieve the purpose of derusting, which is pickling.     

2. Phosphating: refers to the use of chemical substances to clean the metal surface to form a stable phosphate protective layer to isolate the air and prevent the cabinet surface from oxidation.

3. Drying: refers to hot air drying or air drying, so as to facilitate the subsequent spraying process smoothly.

4. Spraying: there are two kinds of spraying: spraying and electrostatic powder spraying. Spray painting: refers to the process of using a special spray gun to spray the paint evenly on the surface of the workpiece; Electrostatic powder spraying: the coating is a small solid particle, which is sent to the spray gun by the powder supply system through compressed air. When the powder is sprayed from the nozzle, it forms charged coating particles, which are attracted to the workpiece with opposite polarity by electrostatic force. With the increase of powder sprayed, the charge accumulation is also more. When it reaches a certain thickness, due to electrostatic repulsion, Then the powder is melted, leveled and solidified by heat, and a hard film is formed on the surface of the cabinet.

5. Baking paint: this means to dry the spray paint or powder spray after the spraying process


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